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Best Cities to Visit 2018

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It might come as a “pleasant” surprise if you’ve just started looking at apartments for rent in Pleasanton, CA, but it’s no shock to anyone who’s lived here long-term: the town just continues to rack up accolades for being awesome. It’s one of the safest places you can live in America, it’s easy to get around in the city, and now, Pleasanton has secured the #4 spot on Livability’s “10 Best Cities to VIsit in 2018” listing.

This isn’t the first amazing award Pleasanton has scored for itself. In 2017, they ranked on Livability’s list of “Top 100 Places to Live,” and the town has even been featured on Niche’s list of “Best Suburbs to Live in the San Francisco Bay Area,” netting an overall grade of A+ from the publication.

The next question is obvious: what makes Pleasanton so great, and why did Livability decide to rank it so highly on the their list? Today, we’re going to take a look at those rankings and all the things influencing Pleasanton’s greatness.

More About Livability’s Rankings

In an effort to narrow down some prime vacation spots for the year, Livability took to comparing “more than 2,000 small to mid-size cities across the U.S.” in compiling their list. Out of that vast sampling, they only chose to highlight ten, however, so just getting mentioned is quite the honor. According o Livability, they took quite a few factors into consideration:

“We studied important criteria like each city’s entertainment industry, cultural offerings and number of golf courses and parks, along with ease of transportation, crime rate, and average hot and cold temperatures throughout the year.”

What’s more, the cities included on their list are ideal spots for those traveling on any and every budget, solo and group journeys, adventure seekers and romantic couples alike. That Pleasanton manages to be so much to so many is feat unto itself.

What Livability Says About Pleasanton

“Picturesque” is the term they use as an overall descriptor of Pleasanton. Indeed, the scenery in Pleasanton is something few can overlook. The historic downtown area is a prime example, littered with boutique shops, cozy streets, and vintage architecture that speaks to the area’s history and culture:

“To walk through downtown Pleasanton is to take a walk back in time, past historic old buildings, many once connected by secret tunnels under Main Street. Each building has its own story to tell.”

Livability praises the downtown area not only for its beauty, though, but its charm as well. There are plenty of things to do and see, with a particular highlight (for fans of live performances) being the Firehouse Arts Center. Then there’s historic downtown’s high level of “walkability,” a must-have quality for any traveler no matter where they’re going.

And beyond downtown, the scenery of nature is a welcome treat for those who love the great outdoors. A quick trip to Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park will give travelers a glimpse of the beauty this part of the East Bay holds, condensed into 5,271 acres and replete with rolling hills and lush greenery. Continue exploring Pleasanton, and you’ll find that it’s home to 44 “community and neighborhood parks,” over 24 miles of trails, and 600 acres of “undeveloped open space.”

Livability goes on to talk about both Pleasanton’s location and weather in glowing terms.

Of the former, they note that “Pleasanton offers a mix of small-town charm and big-city amenities” and being a “half-hour’s drive from the beach” and only “45 miles outside of San Francisco” give the town a formidable combination of elements that go into a small-city vacation spot.

On the latter, Livability seems to think that Pleasanton’s weather is near-perfect no matter what time of year you decide to plan your trip:

“The average temperature in July is just 71 degrees, January’s average temperature is a mild 46 degrees and it’s rarely rainy, particularly during the summer months.”

Livability closes out their review by gushing about the special events held in Pleasanton over the course of the year. Out of the many, they seem particularly fond of the Halloween offerings, including the “Spirit & Sweater Stroll,” an autumn favorite in which “participants enjoy craft cocktails at more than 20 downtown locations while wearing their most festive attire.”

It’s far from the only fun event that Pleasanton organizes, though, and you can stay current on what they have planned by visiting the Pleasanton Downtown Association’s events page. Concerts, group workouts, and more all litter the calendar; you’ll likely find something fun to do no matter what time of year you come to town.

It’s obvious that Pleasanton has a lot going for itself. If you’d like a deeper look at what the town is all about, though, we recommend taking a look at Livability’s more complete city profile for Pleasanton. It goes deep into all the things there are to do around town, what businesses are of particular note, the best schools in the area, what options there are for healthcare, and everything else you’d need to know if you were planning on an extended stay in the East Bay. Plus, there are plenty of spectacular photographs, showing off Pleasanton’s stunning good looks.

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