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Bike Friendly Pleasanton

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If you’ve lived in the apartments in San Francisco for a while, or plan on moving soon and have been checking out the area, one thing you may have noticed is how many spots in The Bay lend themselves to getting around by bicycle. Pleasanton is no exception, and today we’ll be looking at what makes the town so bike-friendly and how you can take advantage of the numerous trails and bikeways that cross Pleasanton and beyond.

This Town Was Made for Biking

OK, perhaps Pleasanton wasn’t built specifically for biking, but the way it has evolved makes biking in the town a joy, and that’s mainly because it’s a factor that the city has prioritized. There’s an entire “master plan,” laying out Pleasanton’s intentions to create safe bike routes to schools, carve out lanes for bicycles, implement more bike parking around the city, mitigate vehicle traffic so bicyclists can travel safely, and the like:

“[The] Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan builds on the original blueprint [of the City of Pleasanton General Plan] with an evaluation of existing conditions and a prioritized list of improvements that include on- and off-street bicycle pedestrian facilities.”

They’ve made tremendous progress implementing some of their goals, so Pleasanton’s already a fun place to ride. As more of the Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan comes to fruition, you’ll find that the city will become even more bike-friendly for residents. Specifically, Pleasanton is interested in emphasizing five key themes that will make the city better for biking:

  • Safety — The city wants to make bicycling a safer endeavor, and has placed an emphasis on creating safe routes for children to travel to school.
  • All Ages and Abilities — The city wants to ensure that all its residents, regardless of age or skill, can make use of the citywide network of trails, walkways, and bikeways without hazard.
  • Close the Gaps — The city plans to make driving alternatives (walking and biking) appealing by making them easier to access and convenient to utilize.
  • Clever Design — The city is using the “best practices” when it comes to design in implementing their network of bike-friendly improvements.
  • Promotion — The city is actively encouraging residents to make use of the many biking and walking opportunities, and educated them on how to do so safely as they monitor their progress towards this goal.

The full plan is well over 200 pages, so we can’t cover everything here, we can cover a few highlights that demonstrate what the city has been doing to make biking in Pleasanton great, like the Bicycle Parking Program. They’ve correctly identified that a lack of bicycle parking is a deterrent to riding a bicycle (why spend all that time riding around if there’s no place to secure your bike once you’ve reached your destination, no?). As such, they’ve proposed enhancements like the installation of both parking and “end-of-trip facilities” (think showers and lockers) at various sites to entice residents to bike more.

Like we mentioned earlier, they’ve gone full-bore on making sure bike routes to school are available and safe, and their program here includes both engineering aspects (providing facilities and making sure routes are clear) as well as education (showing children which routes to take and encouraging them to do so). Supplementing the safe routes to schools is the city’s focus on traffic calming, something that benefits all residents who like to ride:

The Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP) is designed to provide consistent, citywide policies to neighborhood traffic management and to ensure equitable and effective solutions to a variety of traffic concerns expressed by local residents.”

Of course, these efforts would be for naught if the city did not also place an emphasis on enforcing policies, which is something they’ve taken quite seriously. Monitoring traffic speed is a part of this objective, and through coordination between the police department and the community, they collect information on speeding in residential areas, along with traffic safety and circulation data. Future enforcement goals for Pleasanton include increasing traffic fines (to ensure compliance and improve safety), collaboration with the police on sting operations designed to catch motorists violating traffic laws in blatantly dangerous ways, and developing anti-bicycle theft programs to cut down on the prevalence of stolen bikes.

And before we forget, those numerous bikeways we mentioned earlier play a big role in ensuring residents can bicycle safely. You can get an idea of the different types of bikeways that exist in Pleasanton, along with an overview of the many routes that are currently in operation around town, by checking out the City of Pleasanton Bike Map. As you can see, there’s a varied network that includes lanes for different biking scenarios and roadways, and the network extends all throughout the town and beyond, making access to different points around Pleasanton a real possibility. There are even opportunities to take your bike and head out of town, like the Pleasanton-Dublin Route — an 18-mile stretch that takes you through both town’s hotspots:

“The Pleasanton/Dublin self-guided bicycle tour is an 18-mile tour that starts and finishes in Downtown Pleasanton. The Pleasanton/Dublin self-guided bike tour is a ride through the area’s history, exceptional shopping, global cuisine, and picturesque outdoor spaces.”

To reiterate — if you enjoy riding your bicycle, few places offer as much opportunity as Pleasanton. As you hop on your bike and get ready for a ride around town, be sure to observe the current bicycle laws, and make sure you have all your safety gear so you’re prepared for every possibility out there on the road. Happy travels!

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