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Tri-Valley Caffeine Trail

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If you know anything about the Tri-Valley area, you know that living at one of the apartments in this Bay Area hotspot means that you always have access to fun things to do out and about — no matter the season. That's exemplified by attractions like the Tri-Valley Caffeine Trail, one of the areas newest and most intriguing diversions.

If you've never heard of an event like this one, we'll break it down for you briefly. The basic premise is that you, as a lover of delicious caffeinated beverages, would naturally want to seek out some great places to stop in and have a cup. So, you download the Tri-Valley Caffeine Trail Passport, carry it on your person as you explore, and have it stamped as you visit participating coffee/tea spots throughout Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, and Danville. Get a stamp from an establishment in each city, and you win your own Tri-Valley mug to display in your (already substantial) collection.

And it's not just about winning the cool merchandise, mind you. The Tri-Valley Caffeine Trail is the perfect excuse to get out and explore the lovely Northern California sights and visit some coffee dealers who you might never have gone to otherwise. Today, we'll be taking a look at some of those participating stores and what you can expect when you stop in for a hot (or ice cold) cup of coffee/tea.

In Pleasanton


This paradise of coffee and tea, located in downtown Pleasanton on Main Street is all about that community atmosphere. Coupled with the welcoming environment is a thorough selection of fresh-baked goods and a hearty variety of delicious coffee for you to sip on while you soak up the ambiance.

Characterz Cafe & Coffee Roasterz

You'll find Characterz Cafe & Coffee Roasterz on Sunol Boulevard in Pleasanton, and they pride themselves on being much more than a "normal coffeehouse." The experience is part cafe, part marketplace, and always a blast. You'll have to experience it for yourself to get the full force of what we're talking about here!

The English Rose Tea Room

Sure, the English Rose on West Neal Street is billed as a Tea Room and Gift Store, but you'll recall that this is the "Caffeine Trail" and not specifically the "Coffee Trail," so if you'd prefer to have a delicate cup of tea instead of coffee, put this near the top of your list.

The Press

In Pleasanton, you'll find The Press on Santa Rita Road, and inside this artisan cafe, you'll find a large selection of delicious paninis and other sandwiches to go along with a strong cup of coffee served just how you like it.

Sugarie Bake Shop

Want a treat that's sweet? Head to Sugarie Bake Shop on Bernal Avenue and choose from one of their many freshly-baked pastries to pair with your cup of coffee. The selection is enormous, but we're suckers for those French Apple Tarts.

In Livermore

The Steam House Coffee & Kava Bar

With it's rather appropriate name, The Steam House on 2nd Street certainly knows how to fill the air with the vapors of their fine concoctions. You can't go wrong with the coffee here, and the healthy snacks they serve make for a nice pairing.

Espresso Rosetta

"Hand crafted and high quality" are the self-professed hallmarks of Espresso Rosetta on South J Street. As the name suggests, they're specialists in brewing a delicious cup of espresso, which will keep you wired as you cruise the rest of the Caffeine Trail.

Panama Bay Coffee Company

With a name like Panama Bay, you'd expect this coffee spot on 1st Street to deliver up some truly pleasant and tropical vibes. You'd be correct, and while you're lounging around at this spot, you'll swear you were in paradise.

Luna Tea Company

Another lovely tea spot that was once part of the Caffeine Trail, but is now, unfortunately closed for business.

The Press

Did you know that The Press had two locations? Their Livermore spot on 1st Street is every bit as amazing as their Pleasanton hangout, and you'll again want to get one of those scrumptious sandwiches to go with your drink.

In Dublin

Tea Heart

Tea Heart on Dublin Boulevard is your go-to spot if you enjoy Taiwanese-style bubble tea (AKA boba tea), and they can mix it up in a range of flavors that are equal parts healthy and delicious.

Boba Bliss

You'll also find a fine selection of boba tea at the aptly-named Boba Bliss on San Ramon Road. this family-owned spot is also famed for their wholesome, welcoming atmosphere, where the cares of your day seem to magically vanish.

Cafe Tapioca

Tea plus milk or fruit? That's what you'll find at Cafe Tapioca on Regional Street. The almost perplexing number of tea varieties are paired with delicious snacks, backed by 15-years of experience putting smiles on customers' faces.

Allegro Coffee Company

Within the Whole Foods on Dublin Boulevard you'll find the Allegro Coffee Company spot, which, by most accounts, can serve up a pretty mean cup to compete with the best of them. You'll be able to do some grocery shopping while you're here, so it's really killing two birds with one stone.

Amazing Basil

Amazing Basil on Fallon Road is a kind of Asian-fusion restaurant, serving up noodles, delicious BBQ, and the like. They're no strangers to drinks, though, and can whip up a cup of something strong and caffeinated for you to enjoy with your meal.

In Danville

Sideboard Neighborhood Kitchen

Are they named after a piece of kitchen furniture? Yes, but the Sideboard Neighborhood Kitchen on Railroad Avenue isn't just about serving up food. They're also a coffee bar, and you'll find a range of artisan favorites to choose from when you come here to dine.

Starbuck's Reserve

It's Starbucks, but even more in love with delicious roasts and handmade blends. Coffee is an undying passion here, and you can think of this setup on Hartz Avenue like a bar for people who like amazing coffee served fresh as can be.

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop on Railroad Avenue might have a simple name and straightforward options, but that's more of a feature than a flaw. You know exactly what you're getting here — great coffee in a well-respected neighborhood hotspot.

Basque Boulangerie

At the other end of the naming spectrum is Basque Boulangerie on Hartz Avenue. the name is indeed fancy, but the prices are fair, and you can get your coffee served with any number of baked goods to make it a treat that's truly sweet.

Medleno Coffee Shop & Roastery

"Brewed just for you" is Medleno's motto. You'll find this coffee spot on San Ramon Valley Boulevard, and much like their motto, the coffee here is "simply perfect." The secret to their success? Getting the freshest beans and roasting them well before they even start to lose their flavor.

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