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Fantastic Home Office Ideas

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Let’s say you’ve finally snagged yourself one of the best apartments in San Francisco and you’d like to carve out a bit of space to get some work done while you’re at home. You’ll need to set up a home office, of course, and you’ll need to make sure that however you lay it out, it makes the best use of the space you have. It’s no small feat, but definitely one that you can handle; read on, and get some inspiration for transforming that spare apartment space into the pinnacle of home office design.

Your Home Office Done Right

One common misconception about setting up a home apartment in your office is that you need a dedicated room to fit in all of your necessities. Sure, a whole extra room to transform into a workspace is a great thing to have, but it isn’t a necessity. For apartments, where every little square-inch counts, you can do quite a lot with just a little. Here are a few ideas to get your head jogging in the right direction.

Remember the Golden Rules of Office Design

Before you get to work transforming any part of your apartment into a workplace, you should bear in mind a few tips that will help you gear the space toward maximum productivity. First, think about what areas of your living space will be most conducive to working the way you’re accustomed to; you might have specific space requirements or equipment needs that will limit your options. From there, you’ll want to remember to keep your workspace free of distractions, and do your best to blend your workspace with the rest of your home decor so it doesn’t look like something out of left field.

Don’t Waste the Window

Believe it or not, throwing a desk right in front of a sun-drenched window is a great way to boost your productivity. Instead of tucking yourself away in some back room, you’ll have a clear view of the outside world, and all the benefits that come with it. In addition to keeping you from becoming bored or side tracked, the well-lit workspace will provide you with an extra measure of creativity when you need it most.

Go Compact With the Closet

Don’t let that closet go to waste. Even if you’re not the type to store a bunch of clothes, you can still find the space to be useful if you throw a short desk and compact chair in there. This smaller setup helps achieve a dual purpose. On the one hand, if you’re prone to making a mess, having a limited amount of space will curtail that tendency somewhat. On the other hand, if you do manage to make things a bit cluttered, you can easily shut the door and hide said mess from any would-be guests.

Try a Corner Shelf

See that corner area over there that you aren’t doing anything with at the moment? That can be your new workspace, if you grab the right furniture to fit. A compact, triangular shelf can fit in like nobody’s business while simultaneously providing you with enough room to get some serious work done. If you can supplement the area with some storage containers that fit into the space and a good pair of speakers, you might find yourself spending more time at your desk than anywhere else in your apartment.

Go Wide With a Single Wall Workspace

If you can’t dedicate a whole room for work, why not just a single wall instead? There’s got to be at least one bare wall you aren’t using for anything in particular, and you might find that outfitting it with a simple desk and some floating shelves is a great way to transform it into a functional workspace. If you’re living with a partner, the single wall is also a great way to go wide, placing two workspaces side by side so you can both conquer your goals in tandem.

Consider Your Colors

Color can make or break a space, and that simple rule applies just as much to your home office as anywhere else. In addition to your personal feelings about different color combinations, think about how certain colors affect the way you work. Cool colors, for instance, might help you enter that creative trance where you can flow from thought to thought with the utmost serenity. Meanwhile, hotter colors might excite the fire in your belly, prompting you to work vigorously when crunch time rolls around.

Don’t Forget About Your Chair

Your office chair has a huge impact on your mood while you’re working, so remember not to skimp in this area. You’ll no doubt have your own personal preferences as far as style and colors are concerned, but above all else keep it comfortable and ergonomic. Swivel chairs often fulfill both needs, and you can find them in high, medium, and low setups to give your back the support it requires most.

Keep Things Organized

Office organization is a must, so don’t forego accessories that will help you keep your things in order. Drawers, cabinets, and shelves are the standard here, but you don’t always have to go with the tried-and-true to keep your space clutter free. Check out these 21 Ideas for Organizing Your Home Office from Real Simple and you might find a few that speak to your inner neat freak while still pushing the boundaries of traditional design. Whatever you do, however, don’t skip this crucial step.

Apartments in San Francisco Are a Great Place to Set Up Shop

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