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Free Parks Fridays

Two teenagers sitting on a dock with their toes in a lake

Looking for something fun to do next time you head out from the luxury apartments in San Francisco? If you consider yourself the outdoorsy type, then the upcoming Free Parks Fridays coming in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties should be near the top of your list. These events will give you an opportunity to check out some of the parks in the East Bay without an entry fee and with many of the additional fees for parking, swimming, dogs, boat launching, horse trailers and fishing reduced or waived. It’s a way to “celebrate 85 years in existence,” says East Bay Regional Parks, and today we’ll be filling you in on a few of the parks you’ll want to visit.

Del Valle Regional Park

The Del Valle Regional Park is part of the pride of Livermore, located deep within a valley and surrounded by tree-covered hills. At the center of this amazing park is the lovely, five-mile-long lake, where you can enjoy all manner of water-focused activities. This includes swimming, windsurfing, boating, and much more. Outside of the water, Del Valle has plenty of land and trails for hiking, nature watching, or horseback riding.

You can get an idea of just how much hiking there is to enjoy here by checking out the trail map, and if you need a more detailed rundown on the park activities, you can always head to their main page. For Free Park Fridays, park entry, dog fees, fishing permit, boat launch fees, and horse trailer fees will be waived, so plan on taking advantage of those activities.

Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreational Area

The Shadow Cliffs are located just east of good old Pleasanton, and there’s more here than meets the eye. The area was once a gravel quarry, but the land was donated to the park system in the 1970s. Today, there’s a thriving bounty of recreation to enjoy within the park’s 266-acre bounds, including swimming, fishing, boating, picnicking, nature watching, and more. For Free Park Fridays, they’ll be waiving parking, dog fees and fishing permits.

Sunol Wilderness Regional Preserve

If you’re looking for raw, unadulterated nature, you’ll want to head to the Sunol Wilderness Regional Preserve. This park is about as natural as they come, with plenty of varied terrain, beautiful views, and recreation for you to take part in as well. You can spend hours simply wandering and taking in the gorgeous scenery, though, so be sure to bring your camera along and prepare to snap some amazing shots. For Free Park Fridays, you won’t have to worry about parking or dog fees.

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