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Fun Food Alameda County Fair

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Alameda County Fair has been a Bay Area favorite for more than 100 years. Just under 39 miles from San Francisco, you can get to the fair via public transportation from virtually any Bay area neighborhood. This laid-back, old-fashioned county fair is a real treat even for people living in San Francisco Luxury Apartments.

The Alameda County Fair sits on 270-acres owned by the county since 1912. The fair grounds includes horseracing, The Fairgrounds Racetrack has been around since 1858. This is the oldest 1-mile racetrack in the country. Horse racing is a big part of the annual fair.

The fair has everything you would expect from an old-fashioned county fair. There is a large petting zoo and food available to let the children feed the piglets, goats, and other animals. For a link calendar of events, click here.

Besides the horse racing and petting zoo, you will find a huge carnival section that features carnival rides, and the best “fair food” you will find anywhere.

When is the fair and what can you expect?

The Alameda County Fair for 2017 begins on June 16th and goes through July 9th. You can expect it to be hot this time of year. If you live in San Francisco, you know the temperatures in the summer can be very warm. The added concrete that reflects the sun makes it even warmer. It is a good idea to go early or late in the day to avoid harsh high temps of the day. You can also expect it to be crowded on popular days like “wristband day”, weekends and days of popular shows and events (see calendar). There is ample parking but in the busiest days, you may have to look around a bit. The heat also brings up the need to stay hydrated. They will allow you to bring your own water bottle and refill it as much as you want. Fair food and drink prices are expensive and bringing your water bottle will save you money.

Why has The Alameda County Fair Stood The Test Of Time

Back in the day when the Alameda County Fair began, it was the biggest event to come to town all year. The proud citizens brought their prize cattle, their handmade quilts and crafts and they shared their talent with others. There was no internet or electronics. Children worked hard. They went to school, then they helped their families. Chores were all done by hand and it took everyone to keep things going. This was the one time a year where parents could take their kids somewhere, just for fun.

People just like you have made it a tradition to go to the annual county fair. You can enjoy looking back in time and you can teach your own children how to have fun without a smartphone in their hand. Enjoy the carnival rides and laugh with your children as they get excited feeding a little piglet. You will step back into your modern world with all its wonders soon enough. But for a few days each year, take a trip to the fun fair of yesterday.

Other features you should know about

There are several ways to save money and contribute to the community. There are days and times when children and seniors get in free. Other days select groups get big discounts on admission and rides. This year there is a food drive day and a separate clothing drive day.

On July 4th there is a beautiful fireworks show and that day is also First Responders day. There is also the RV Demo Derby shows and several Monster Truck performances. The dates and times are noted on their website.

The live shows concerts for 2017 include stars like Clint Black, Shelia E, Jana Kramer, Wynonna and the Big Noise, and John Michael Montgomery. There will be a show performed by Foreverland that is a tribute to Michael Jackson.

On June 24th, enjoy the Brew Fest and the Extreme Rodeo. June 25th is the day of Festival Latino, Fiesta Del Charro, and sip some wonderful wines at the Sip, Savor, and Wager wine fest.

There are many other performers and events. It is a good idea to buy your concert tickets in advance.

Tribute to the United States Military

It does not matter what branch of the military you serve in, Bring your military identification and get in free any day, every day, anytime. Veterans also are honored in this way. Simply bring your proof of service and gain free entry. This is a small way to thank you for your service.

There are so many shows, acts, and events that you might want to sit down and plan your days. Make sure you note the times of the carnival rides and shows so you can arrive in time to do and see everything you want to. Once you have gone, you will want to go back year after. By taking advantage of discounts and online coupons (like and the discounted days, you might want to go several times this year.

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