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Insights On Gratitude

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Here’s a scenario you might be familiar with: you start to feel listless over there at the apartments for rent in Pleasanton CA and you’re looking for a way to turn your attitude around. No matter how gorgeous your surroundings, it’s always possible for us to hit a slump from time to time, and when that happens, the key to a more positive mindset might well be hidden in showing a bit of gratitude.

If you’re a bit confused, then allow us to break it down a bit further for you. Gratitude, as it turns out, can help us reaffirm the good things in our life, to express thanks, and, by extension, change our perspective and recalibrate our attitudes toward the everyday. How, you might wonder, can you start practicing a bit of this in your life? Read on, as we further explain what a bit of gratitude can do for you.

The Impact Of Gratitude

If we’re going by the traditional definitions of gratitude, the feeling can best be summed up as a kind of appreciation that we feel upon receiving kindness, a gift, assistance, generosity, etc. Gratitude has long been associated with various religious teachings, but in more recent times, psychologists have also taken an interest in the concept.

You see, there’s an association between subjective well-being and gratitude: people who are more grateful tend to feel better than those who are less grateful. Gratitude is linked with happiness, a reduction in depression, a reduction in stress, and improved satisfaction with social relationships. With all the good things going for it, it’s safe to say that exercising a bit of gratitude in your own life might bring about a positive change or two.

While on the topic of gratitude and positive mindsets, there’s evidence to suggest that gratefulness is associated with more positive life choices. Through a feeling of obligation to consider the needs of other people in their lives, grateful people tend to make healthier choices in regards to their diet, work, etc. What’s more, the grateful are, by and large, more altruistic than other groups of people. Seems the benefits of gratitude just keep on stacking up!

And with that, we present to you this list from psychologist Sherrie Campbell. The quotes contained therein provide some helpful insight on how you should be looking at gratitude and applying it to your own life. Follow that simple (but effective) guidance, and you might start noticing a shift in your mindset in due course.

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