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New Shopping Center Pleasanton

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It might seem nigh-impossible, but something is about to make living in the apartment homes in Pleasanton a lot more appealing. “How could that be?” you might ask yourself. Living in Pleasanton already means being in one of the safest, most scenic towns in the Bay Area — what could be better? There are three simple words that you might not have anticipated: new shopping center.

According to a recent article from Pleasanton Weekly:

“The new, 112,000-square-foot Pacific Pearl shopping center on the southwest corner of El Charro Road and Stoneridge Drive won't officially open until July, but already its 85°C Bakery Café and other eateries are winning rave reviews.”

There’s a chance you’ve already passed by the area and wondered what was afoot. No worries. We’re going to give you the scoop on this new “Pacific Pearl,” along with a look at what new shops you can look forward to (among other pertinent details).

What’s the Word on the New Shopping Center?

Though it hasn’t officially opened yet, the Pacific Pearl shopping center has already generated it’s share of buzz. In addition to the above-linked Pleasanton Weekly article, you’ll find mention of it in the Mercury News (among other outlets) and reviews are already starting to pop up on sites like Yelp and Facebook.

More on public perception of the complex in a bit, though. First, let’s take a look at some of the facts surrounding this brand new construction. It’s set to open in July, right near Stoneridge Creek Park south of the Arthur H. Breed Jr. Freeway.

Like any good shopping hotspot, it’s set to have a mixture of various shops and restaurant, with the list of what’s already in operation and what’s coming soon consisting of the following:

85° Bakery Café: Bakery/cafe chain, offering coffee & tea plus international desserts & breads. Now Open.

99 Ranch Market: A global Asian Foods supermarket. Coming Soon.

Bak Kung Korean BBQ: A thrilling Korean Barbeque. Coming Soon.

Bambu: Asian-inspired che dessert drinks, teas, coffees, fruit smoothies, juices and shaved ice. Coming Soon.

Basil Delight: Will serve a mixture of Thai and Malaysian food. Coming Soon.

Beijing Chef: A new Beijing-style Chinese restaurant. Coming Soon.

Bonchon Restaurant: A casual chain serving cooked-to-order Korean fried chicken, plus other traditional eats. Coming Soon.

Brilliant Minds Academy: An after-school tutoring and enrichment center including classes offered for all subjects, courses and programs relevant for kids from K - 12th grade. Coming Soon.

Candy Doll Beauty: A new women's clothing and makeup store. Coming Soon.

Dalian Club House: Inventive Chinese cuisine in a unique setting. Coming Soon.

East Bay Vision Optometry Center: Optometrist claiming to be the place you need to go for the very best in eye care and the eyewear in Pleasanton. Coming Soon.

Fiery Shanghai: A Chinese restaurant specializing in both Szechuan and Shanghai cuisine. Now Open.

Jinya Ramen Bar: Japanese noodle-soup specialist serving up hot ramen bowls in a bright, casual setting. Coming Soon.

King Wah Restaurant & International Food Court: The”informal” Chinese strip mall eatery featuring dim sum and Cantonese food. Coming Soon.

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar: A chain-style Japanese sushi bar featuring a “revolving sushi system.” Now Open.

La Salon Spa: Spa masters extraordinaire offering hair styling and cuts, massages, wax treatments and skin care. Now Open.

Lern Education: Provides high-quality, customized consulting and training services in education to domestic and International students. Now Open.

Mumu Hot Pot: So-called “bustling” Chinese food establishment offers a wide selection of all-you-can-eat hot pot meals in a snug interior. Coming Soon.

Pleasant Dental Care: Oral health specialists who pride themselves on a pleasant, caring, and superior quality dentistry. Now Open.

Poke Moana: Island-style food joint offering customizable bowls of poke, fried chicken and other Pacific Island eats in a fast-casual space. Now Open.

Pure Organic Nail Salon: Pleasanton’s nail and beautification experts. Now Open.

Snowflake Dessert House: Cafe specializing in shaved ice treats in flavors like taro & matcha plus simple meals & desserts. Now Open.

Sugar Dynasty: Masters of confectionary delight with Hong Kong-style desserts and snacks. Now Open.

Tak Yuan Herbal: A new space for traditional Chinese remedies and medicine. Now Open.

Yummy Chengdu: Chinese eatery with photography-decked walls specializing in creative eats from the Sichuan region. Coming Soon.

One thing that might immediately jump out about these many establishments is the preponderance of Asian-influenced offerings on the roster. This is by design, as the new shopping center was created with the goal of meeting demands “from the increasing number of Asian-Americans, who now make up 30% of the population living within 10 miles of the site.”

The shifting demographic realities, though, will also bring plenty of new and diverse choices to Pleasanton’s non-Asian population. Among these varied offerings, a few standout options have already made themselves known, with 85°C Bakery Café and a few of the other eateries netting themselves some prominent reviews.

Zagat notes that the establishment has a “playful” and colorful vibe, along with reasonable prices and a range of delicious coffees and pastries. 85°C Bakery Café is already getting packed on the weekends, and it’s setting the tone for other stores and restaurants yet to open in the Pacific Pearl center.

As for resident reception of the new shopping center, you’ll find representatives at both ends of the positive/negative spectrum, on Yelp, at least. User Judi M was not impressed:

“The parking is inadequate. A blended center would have been a positive thoughtful concept. Blink your eyes and you may as well be in Milpitas or Fremont.”

Harvey K, on the other hand, was quite pleased by the new offerings:

“I am excited about this new shopping center. It gives East Bay residents, like me, another destination to get my Asian food fix.”

What will you think of the Pacific Pearl once you grace its premises? Only one way to find out.

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