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Pleasanton Painted Rock Craze

Two little girls looking at treasures inside a planter

Everyone living in Pleasanton luxury apartments and other parts of the surrounding community may have noticed a new craze sweeping the area. Suddenly, and maybe a bit unexpectedly, everyone is in love with painted rocks! If you walk through the community you will notice these beautiful, colorful, interesting rocks just about everywhere, because the new trend is fun, exciting, and nearly everybody in the community is getting behind it.

What’s so great about painted rocks? Well, not only do they make the community look beautiful, but they’re also fun to hunt, easy to discover so everybody can get involved, and many people seem to be having a blast painting these gorgeous rocks for the entire Pleasanton, CA community to enjoy.

What’s not to like? You can find these beautiful treasures nearly anywhere you go when walking through Pleasanton. They seem to be hidden just about everywhere. But if you are really in the mood to find a great cache of painted awesomeness then you should focus your time looking for them in places like Delucci Park, Amaral Park, Vintage Hills Park, downtown near JW Kottinger’s barn, and Tawny Park to name a few the hottest locations.

Has Anyone Turned Painted Rock Hunting into a Game?

Yes, technically it is a game of sorts, although it is not any kind of an official game played by members of the town. But people do treat painted rocks a specific way in many instances, so if you’d like to learn more, stick with us for a moment.

When many of the local residents in Pleasanton, CA discover a painted rock for the first time, lots of people like to pick the rock up or leave it where it is and take a picture of it. After they take a picture of it, they might post it to their favorite social media site, forum or chat room, or they’ll just keep the rock picture for themselves because they really like the way that it looks.

Next, this is where it can get fun and exciting for residents living in Pleasanton looking for something new and interesting to do. You see, after finding a painted rock for the very first time, many people will then pick that rock up and move it to a new location to hide it for somebody else to find. Sure, you could technically leave it where it is if you do not feel like moving it at all and somebody new will still find it at some point.

But part of the fun is getting involved, taking the rock with you, and then hiding it somewhere else. If you work hard hiding your painted rocks, you never know, you may become known as one of the best people hiding these rocks and the rest of the community might elevate your status as one of the more prominent members of the community playing the unofficial game. So that could be a whole lot of fun that you may not have ever expected when you first got involved with painted rocks, but it’s definitely worth it over the long run because it’s an enjoyable, unique, interesting game that many people are beginning to play so you might as well join the excitement too.

Can I Actually Paint Rocks and Hide Them Myself?

Remember, there are no specific rules to this game. In fact, it really is not official game at all, although so many people are enjoying the painted rock craze sweeping this part of California. So you can basically play the game however you want.

Do you have artistic talents? Does painting rocks with fun and interesting designs seem like a good way to spend an afternoon? Are you bored and looking to pick up a new hobby and think rock painting sounds like a good idea? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then you should definitely think about painting the rocks yourself. For all you know, you may have discovered your latest hobby or newest calling and absolutely adore painting these rocks with beautiful designs, fun pictures, cartoon characters, or anything else interesting you might feel belongs painted on one of these rocks.

How can you learn how to paint rocks if you don’t know how to do it already? Well, the Internet is always an excellent resource for just about anything. You can go to YouTube or your favorite search engine and look for articles and videos on the topic. No doubt there are plenty of step-by-step instructions and instructional videos online that can teach you how to paint these rocks and make them look absolutely amazing.

You may want to try to paint some of your own designs without any instructions. Just do whatever comes naturally to you and let your artistic talents flow from the paintbrush and see what happens. You never know, you may be a natural at this and before long you’ll be painting some of the most amazing, attractive, and wonderful rocks that the community truly enjoys. And if you enjoy painting them, then you’ve definitely discovered your calling even though you may not have been looking for it.

Once you’re through, do your best to hide your rocks in places where they’ll be a little difficult to discover but people will also be able to find them. You don’t want to hide them too well, because otherwise no one will get to enjoy your latest creations.

How to Find Painted Rocks

At the end of the day, it’s going to be easier to find painted rocks than you might think. Many people actually put up signs that say “Rocked” in the vicinity to let residents of Pleasanton know that painted rocks are in the area.

Remember, everybody wants you to enjoy the painted rocks so they aren’t making them too difficult to find. So look for signs or listen for chatter in the community if somebody may have discovered a painted rock sighting that you can visit when you’re ready.


The painted rock craze has definitely swept its way through Pleasanton and members of the community are really enjoying this new hobby. Jump on the bandwagon and give it a try yourself. Who knows? You may absolutely love it since it really is a whole lot of fun!