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Pleasanton Wine Stroll 2019

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Out and about among the lovely spring weather is one of the best ways to enjoy the downtown area near the Vintage apartments in Pleasanton. This May will be providing yet another great reason to get out there and savor the wonders of this amazing town, in the form of the Pleasanton Wine Stroll. This epic celebration is the event of the month if you want to get a sip of some great area wines, and see the sights in downtown Pleasanton as you do it.

The Wine Stroll in a Nutshell

If you want to boil the Wine Stroll down to its basics, you might describe it more as a community gathering than a typical wine fest. You see, more than twenty of downtown Pleasanton’s businesses will be in on the act, turning their premises into tasting rooms for you to enjoy a relaxed drink, while simultaneously soaking in the atmosphere of the downtown area and interacting with fellow Pleasanton wine aficionados like yourself.

To top it off there’s going to be bevy of great live music and tasty food to sample while the Wine Stroll is in full swing, so it’s the sort of event that just about everyone can enjoy, whether their a fan of wine or not. If you’re interested, remember that the Wine Stroll will be taking place May 11th (that’s a Saturday), from 5:00PM to 8:00PM. Tickets will be $40 (and going quickly) so make sure you head to the official site to snag your spot at what’s sure to be an exuberant evening in downtown.

What Sort of Wine Will Be Available?

Once you head on down to the Wine Stroll, you might be amazed by the selection of wines they have for you there. A dozen wineries have decided to include a few of their best blends for you to enjoy:

  • 3 Steves Winery — Based in Livermore, 3 Steves Winery is a group venture from three friends with a long history and passion for making wine together. They’re award winning (and served in several local restaurants), which should come as no surprise, as Livermore is well-known as outstanding wine growing country both near and far.
  • BoaVentura de Caires Winery — Also hailing from Livermore, this winery, BoaVentura de Caires, is the brainchild of former realtor and admitted wine-lover Brett Caires. They’ve been in the game since 2002, and since then, have racked up numerous accolades and achievements in the world of wine. You won’t want to skip their offerings if you have a chance to sample them.
  • Boisset Collection of Wines — This self-dubbed “family of families” is actually a collection of several different wineries, with a “deep historical and family roots in many of the world’s most prestigious terroirs.” They are bound together by a shared fascination of wine (and a love for making some of the best); their association includes notable vineyards in both North America and France.
  • Charles R Vineyards — Yet another Livermore favorite, Charles R Vineyards started all the way back in 2002, and their fantastic array of wines still uses grapes that are 100% sourced from the Livermore Valley. This makes for some rather distinct flavors, as you’ll note when you’re sampling a glass (or two) of their fine reds and whites.
  • Ehrenberg Cellars — Ehrenberg Cellars started in 2008, in Alameda, and has blossomed into a well-respected winery with a deep connection to their “traditional European roots,” and the intrinsic love for wine that comes along with them. Be forewarned — their blends are deep and rich, with a powerful oak finish you’re sure to remember.
  • Elliston Vineyards — You’ll find the Elliston Vineyards HQ positioned in Sunol, and beyond being a pretty location couples flock to for their nuptials, it’s great wine growing country as well. Though the estate has changed hands over the years, the name goes back to the 1890s, and there’s a lot of history in each and every bottle they produce.
  • Leisure Street Winery — A newer winery that first opened in 2016, Leisure Street makes up in quality what they lack in longevity. Despite the short time in business, there’s a wealth of experience behind this outfit, resulting in some worthwhile bottles of wine for you to taste.
  • Mitchell Katz Winery — With a name stretching back to 1998, Mitchell Katz Winery has had plenty of time to build an impressive portfolio of outstanding wines. You’ll have a chance to taste some of their hand-harvested, passionately crafted blends come May 11th.
  • Paulsen Wines — Straight from the Pat Paulsen Vineyards in Livermore, these wines have been a hit since their inception in 1971. Their award-winning Sauvignon is one you’ll have to taste in order to believe.
  • Wente Vineyards — Having claim to the title of the “oldest continuously operating, family-owned winery in the United States” is no mean feat, and one you’ll realize Wente Vineyards has earned once you get your lips on some of their outstanding selection.
  • White Crane Winery — What else would you expect from wines grown in a perfect location like White Crane Winery’s? These blends have character to spare, and will be a lovely addition to your evening out on the town.
  • Wood Family Vineyards — A combination of great ingredients and superb winemaking philosophy comes together in Wood Family Vineyards and their collection of wines. They’ve got a dedication few can match, and one you can taste for yourself at the Wine Stroll.

And once it’s all said and done, you’ll get a commemorative wine glass and spiffy event map to remember the experience by. All told, a great evening, whether you decide to go it alone with friends, or as a couple!

Right in the “Backyard” of the Vintage Apartments

One of the great things about being part of apartment communities like Vintage is the fact that so many great happenings in Pleasanton are right in the vicinity, and easy to get to if you’re thinking about an impromptu outing. These and other great events lay in store, along with all the other wonders the beautiful town of Pleasanton holds, if you’re ready to make that move to one of the most luxurious and peaceful communities in the East Bay and Alameda County? Check out what Vintage has to offer, then be sure to contact us to learn more about making these stellar apartments your new home.