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Pleasanton's Historic Downtown

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Located East Of Oakland in the heart of Alameda County sits Pleasanton, California. The community is known for its affluence, being named one of the wealthiest cities in the United States; one of the "best cities to live in"; and one of the most desirable luxury hometowns in the entire country. Pleasanton, CA, apartments fetch a high price, for sure, but look beneath the surface, and you'll find that in addition to wealth and luxury, this standout community is home to both character and convenience.

A Downtown Most Grand...

The city, home to some 70,000 residents, is steeped in history. During the 1800s, it was just a settlement, still being built up. Because of this, many of the buildings still reflect the architectural stylings of the mid-19th Century: Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, and Colonial structures can all be found in the city, and nowhere is this more observable than the historic downtown.

Located near the southeast of the city, a walk through downtown is almost like a journey through time. Each old building has a unique charm, a deep story, and some unique connection to the past that you'll be delighted to hear about. That's not all, though, Downtown Pleasanton is host to a plethora of fine businesses and community events that take place throughout the year.

The Pooch Parade, for instance, is a must for any dog lovers, while the various holiday festivals catch the season they fall in and give residents plenty of reason to celebrate. Combine all this with the fact that the city has big plans to revitalize the area, and that makes Pleasanton a prime location for anyone looking for a hip place to live that's just about to enter its "upswing," so to speak. You'd just need the right place to hang your hat when you aren't hitting the town.

An Ideal Location

This is where Vintage apartments come into play. These units put you right where you want to be: near the action of downtown and close enough to all the other things that you'd need out of a place to live. How do we mean? Consider the following:

Vintage is just moments away from some of the finest dining. You've got burger joints, coffee shops, sushi and more right at your fingertips. For a night out on the town, you can couple that with a trip to the theater, which is only a short distance away.

If some high-class daytime diversion is more to your liking, then why not check out the country club, golf course, or winery? When you're feeling cultured, there are several museums and art centers that are all easily accessible. The Firehouse Arts Center, in particular, is a bastion of culture. In addition to the 227-seat theater, there is also a gallery and classrooms for both art and drama. If you've time to do a bit of shopping, plenty of markets, grocers, and other essential stores are well within reach, along with specialty outlets for electronics, sporting goods, and more.

The amenities don't end there. When you're ready to flex your muscles and get to some outdoor physical activities, there's no shortage of parks and rec centers for you to head to. The wide open spaces of Centennial Park, for example, is a great spot to go and exercise your dog. The Pleasanton Tennis Park, on the other hand, has some of the best courts in the area and is a perfect place to challenge a friend to a few sets. Pleasanton is a beautiful backdrop for all sorts of outdoor fun, and you're likely to find a spot that has just what you're looking for.

Those with children will be happy to learn that there are several quality public educational institutions nearby, all the way from elementary to high school. In fact, Amador Valley high school was ranked among the top 400 in the country, a reassuring bit of info for parents, to be sure.

Pleasanton isn't an enclave unto itself. There's the whole of Northern California surrounding it, and it's easy to get to via road (Pleasanton is right near I-580 and I-680) or public transit. The Bay Area Rapid Transit commuter train system stops in Pleasanton and connects the city with the other stops along BART routes. There's also the WHEELS bus system which has several stops in Pleasanton and connects to other parts of Northern California. Cities like Oakland and San Francisco are a mere hop, skip, and jump away.

The Perfect Pleasanton, CA Apartments

And what of the apartments themselves? No need to worry. These are top-notch units, regardless of whether you opt for 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, or 3-bedroom models. The 1-bedroom offerings are accompanied by one bath and measure 645 square feet. The 2-bedroom units have two baths and a 1,011 square foot floor plan. The 3-bedroom models also have two baths, but grant an expansive 1,461 square feet to occupants. All of the units have a spacious living area and rather fashionable kitchen for all cooking needs, in addition to other extras that vary from unit to unit.

Units are equipped with stainless steel appliances, modern cabinetry and fixtures, and wood flooring to boot. Depending on your unit, you might even have walk-up entries, a private garage, balcony/patio, and more.

The building and community itself are both a sight to behold. Nestled against the hills of Pleasanton, surrounded by green, and packed with a number of perks. The building has a pool, fitness center, and clubhouse for residents. Perfect for taking a dip, getting in a quick workout, or socializing. The grounds are geared towards the look of a leisurely resort, and the general attitude is there to match. You'll likely spend hours simply gazing at the amazing scenery, or playing a relaxing game of horseshoes or bocce.

Pleasanton has long been an alluring locale for many, the perfect blend of wealth, luxury, and expansive outdoor recreation. Perhaps you'll be the next resident to call it home? Be sure to check out everything this area has to offer; we're sure you'll like what you see.