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Spirit & Sweater Stroll

A couple wearing holiday sweaters posing for a picture

It should come as no surprise to anyone living in the San Francisco apartments for rent that Pleasanton knows how to get into the holiday spirit. This gem of a town in the East Bay exemplifies community, and getting into the swing of the year’s most important calendar dates is just par for the course around here.

Which is where the Spirit & Sweater Stroll fits into the picture. On November 17th, residents of Pleasanton and guests alike will have the opportunity to bust out their ugliest fall and winter sweaters for a great cause — fostering the spirit of the season. Plan on making an appearance? Be sure you read on, and get the scoop on everything you’ll need to know before you head to downtown Pleasanton.

Just What Is the Spirit & Sweater Stroll?

To make a long story short, the Spirit & Sweater Stroll is yet another wonderful event put on by the Pleasanton Downtown Association, with the stated goal of getting as many people as possible to have fun by dressing poorly on purpose:

“Bust out your ugliest of sweaters and join the fun as we kick off the holiday season in downtown Pleasanton. Event guests will enjoy spirits and craft cocktails at over 20 downtown locations throughout Main Street.”

If you’ve been to an ugly sweater contest before, you probably know the routine already. For those that haven’t, however, here are a few takeaways:

Ugly sweater contests are a yearly tradition for many locales across the country.

According to some sources, they have their roots in the 1980s, with attribution, in some cases, given to the infamous Bill Cosby for bringing unfashionable sweaters to national attention.
Typically, prizes are handed out to the “winners” with the ugliest sweaters.

Some sweater contests are accompanied by a run or walk; Pleasanton’s affair will include plenty of strolling in addition to being complemented by tasty beverages of the alcoholic variety.
Things could get cold out there, so remember to bundle up with additional items like hats, gloves and scarves.

And if you’re in it to win it, you might want to take heed of a few tips:

You should pay heed to the audience, and, in this specific case, the judges. If you can get an idea of what they consider bad taste, you can tailor your awful sweater to be as offensive to their eyes as possible.
You can augment your sweater choice by going for something that goes beyond mere garment. An “interactive sweater” with additional audio or visual elements sits near the top of the peak when it comes to being tacky, and just might give you the edge you need to win the ugly sweater contest.

Last, but not least, you’ll want to consider the totality of your ugly outfit. Sure, this is an ugly sweater contest, but you can make things a whole lot uglier if you pair that unfashionable knit with a terrible pair of pants, awful hat, etc. It’s all about the pieces work in unison.
Regardless, this year’s Spirit & Sweater Stroll promises to be a ton of fun, so dig out the most atrocious sweaters you can find out of storage, or message mom and ask her to send her very worst. Oh, and do recall that while this is a maximum-fun event, there are rules you’ll need to follow to ensure everyone has a great time. Make a note of those; print them out and carry a copy around if necessary — a bit of prep now will save a lot of headache down the road.

More Holiday Fun to Come?

You’ll notice that, hidden within the PDA’s call for participants, was a bit of additional information you’d do well to note. The Spirit & Sweater Stroll is an opening salvo for the holidays in Pleasanton, and there’s plenty more excitement coming on the horizon.

December 1st, for instance, marks the date of the Hometown Holiday Celebration. This epic parade will be the perfect way to kick off the magic of December:

“Come home for the holidays with Pleasanton's Hometown Holiday Celebration. The Holiday Parade begins at 5PM and includes floats, marching bands, community groups and more. Then gather at the Museum on Main at 603 Main Street for a Tree Lighting Ceremony at 6:45PM.”

There’s going to be a lot to do in preparation for this spectacle, so if you want to learn more, or even volunteer your time to helping out with the event. You can fill out a volunteer form online for plenty of different roles; every extra bit of help goes a long way to ensuring the holidays in Pleasanton are a resounding success.

And if you want to be in the parade, now is the time to start getting ready. Parade entry forms are due by the 21st of November, and you’ll need time to get your group on the same page, practice your parade routine, and get a handle of all the parade rules before the big day.

No matter what you decide to get into this holiday season, though, remember that Pleasanton provides plenty of opportunities for merriment and cheer. Whether you plan on heading out to one of the fabulous pre-Christmas events, or opt to stay at home and relax with your loved ones, this is the perfect environment for festivities of all stripes. Stay safe, and have fun in the city of Pleasanton!

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