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The 2nd Annual Forkful Event

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What joys await near San Francisco’s Luxury Apartments? There’s a ton you could point to — the seafood and shops of Fisherman’s Wharf, the botanical beauty of Golden Gate Park, even the historical wonder of Alcatraz Island. Indeed, there’s plenty to do and see all around the Bay Area, especially during the beautiful summer months, but what if you want to head out for a fun event come the early fall?

If that’s the case, you needn’t look any further than Forkful. Sounds intriguing, no? This annual event brings the very best any foodie could ask for right to Pleasanton’s splendid downtown area. Everyone is busy licking their chops to get down there and taste away once September 15th rolls around, but in the lead up to all the excitement, let’s take a look at what this extravaganza is all about, shall we?

What You Need to Know About Forkful

This year’s event, Forkful 2018, is the second ever. It’s coming up on September 15th, and while we’re massively excited for what’s in store, the Pleasanton Downtown Association has revealed few other details about what everyone can expect, save for this tidbit:

“This unique, self-paced tasting experience will allow event guests to stroll through downtown stopping at over 15 participating locations to taste their perfect forkful of food. Complimentary adult beverage tastings will highlight the food along the way.”

So, we know we’ll be able to get our fill, but the big question is: what will the experience be like? For that, we need to take a look back to 2017 — the inaugural Forkful — to glean some details. There were more than a dozen participating locations in on the act, including: Handles Gastropub, Salt Craft, Beer Baron Bar & Kitchen, Strizzi's, Cellar Door, Baci Bistro & Bar, Sabio on Main, Nonni's Bistro, Frontier Spice, Pasta's Trattoria, Café Main, Neighborhood Sports Bar & Kitchen, Namaste Pizza, Rita's of Pleasanton, Juice & Java, Primrose Bakery, Peet's Coffee and Noland's Cake Shop.

While we might not be able to go over all the fine establishments who lent their talents to the wonder of Forkful, we can highlight a few standouts that received prominent attention. The first of these was Beer Baron on Mary Street. The local favorite is well-known for their fine food and adoration of alcoholic beverages. You might even recall when the downtown Pleasanton location first opened, and was front and center in Liquid Bread Magazine:

“The new Beer Baron location in Pleasanton matches ambiance to its products; the bar and restaurant is decorated with a wine barrel ceiling, reclaimed wood for tables and chairs, and even a library corner by a fireplace.”

There’s no shortage of love for this fine establishment and their preeminent assortment of on tap beers. Whether you know them for their location in Santa Rosa, Livermore, or even their new spot in Oakland, you know that they take the craft of food and drink seriously. If they’ll be back for a second round during Forkful 2018, it’s a must-see location you’ll need to add to your list.

Another crowd favorite was the Primrose Bakery. The masters of dessert, located right on Main Street, has won itself many an award over the year, and delighted at Forkful 2017 with their endless helpings of cake, petit fours, tartlets, eclairs, and more. They’ve been even better than before after Jesse and Jessica Eiland purchased the bakery in 2014, and a return to Forkful 2018 would mean more sweet and savory tastings for everyone in attendance.

Then there was Salt Craft. Under the auspices of master chef Matt Greco, they operate under a simple philosophy: keep it seasonal, keep it sustainable, and keep it well-crafted. These three cornerstones have guided them well, as they were on fire for Forkful 2017. We’re hoping to see more farm-to-table goodness, breakfast/lunch/dinner combos, and amazing wine for Forkful 2018.

You probably get the gist of it by now. Every participating location did their part to ensure that Forkful was a successful experience for participants. And what an experience it was — things kicked off with an opening straight from a foodie’s sweetest dream:

“Upon arrival, each event guest [enjoyed] a sparkling wine reception at check in, where they [also received] their commemorative rose gold fork and event program to guide them through the tasting experience.”

And the rest was history. Forkful 2017 went down as an event to be remembered, and the success was so great that the Pleasanton Downtown Association decided to do it all again this September. So, the big question now is: how can you get in on the action? The PDA hasn’t released ticket purchasing details yet, but if we’re using last year as a guide, then admission will likely be around $50, and you’ll need to put down your payment with cash or check at a participating location to gain entry once the big day rolls around. You’ll also do well to note the particulars:

“You must be 21 and older to participate in this event. Event is rain or shine, no refunds. The PDA is not responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen tickets.”

Once you get those tickets, keep them in a safe place until September 15th. Once it’s time to experience the magic, head to downtown and have yourself the eating and drinking experience of a lifetime.

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