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Top Reasons To Be Thankful For

Two parents playing with a little girl in a grassy park

This is the season for everyone to give thanks about the good things in their lives. Be it a new job or just being happy to be alive, people across the nation are will be singing the praises of the good things that grace their day-to-day.

Around the apartments in SF, in amazing towns like Pleasanton, the locals have more than a few reasons to give thanks, and we’re going to take today to list a few of them out as we go over some of the finest facets this Bay Area gem has to offer.

1) It’s One of America’s “Best Places to Visit”

Did you know that Pleasanton made Livability’s list of the Best Places to Visit in 2018? Dubbed a “picturesque California community” by the publication, Pleasanton’s “mix of small town charm and big-city amenities” snagged it the number 4 spot on this prestigious list, and the moment you step foot here, you’ll likely see why.

Pleasanton has an atmosphere that’s hard to replicate anywhere else, coupled with a sense of community that puts most others to shame. Having a population of only 75,000 puts it right in that sweet spot, and there’s plenty to do and see for tourist and resident alike. If the city is so great to visit, just imagine what living here is like!

2) The Weather is Amazing

It’s usually no fun living in a place where it’s too hot, too cold, too rainy, or too anything, really. Pleasanton strikes a great balance, with a Mediterranean climate that offers warm summers, cool winters, and plenty of sunny days to be outside.

In the summer those average temperatures stick around the high 80s. In the winter, it might get down to the mid 50s, but usually never cooler. As for rainfall, you can expect about 3” in January, and the total is usually lower during all the other months.

3) There’s a Focus on Local Ownership

Pleasanton shines a spotlight on its local businesses, and those businesses offer the level of quality and service you’d expect from a boutique, one-of-a-kind establishment.

Check out the Pleasanton Downtown Association’s business directory. What you’ll find is a long list of unique businesses offering their take on many a popular service. Restaurants, crafts, beauty salons, and more can be found all around town, ready to give you the five-star experience you’ve been seeking.

And if you’re thinking of starting a business yourself, the city keeps plenty of up-to-date information on how you can make Pleasanton your new business HQ right on their website. As they say themselves, “Pleasanton’s small town ambiance is accented with a metropolitan edge that offers residents and businesses a long list of amenities that are hard to compete with.”

4) It’s Easy to Get Around

“Walkability” is a buzzword du jour, and Pleasanton has that quality in spades. Downtown has plenty of streets for pedestrians to traverse in safety and comfort, all the while browsing those attractive local businesses. The town also has its fair share of bikeways and trails that make getting around by bicycle (or just getting a great workout in) a breeze.

To top that all off, Pleasanton has a wealth of public transportation options for those who want to get around without a car. Paratransit, BART, the rail service — you’ve got plenty of avenues when it comes to getting around the city, and even the entirety of the Bay Area, so exploring here comes easy.

5) The Parks Are Amazing

Pleasanton has no shortage of green spaces. According to the city website, there are “44 community and neighborhood parks, approximately 24+ miles of trains, and over 600 acres of undeveloped open space” around town.

Those parks offer plenty of space to move around in, along with areas to ride your bike, go for a jog, have a picnic, toss a ball, or just bask in the glory of nature. If you love the outdoors, you’ll love how much of it there is in Pleasanton.

6) It’s a Family Friendly Town

Those parks touch on another aspect of Pleasanton that residents have to be thankful for — the fact that it’s so incredibly family friendly. In addition to having lots of places where kids can play, the city offers a great manyclasses and camps for youngsters.

Sports, arts, learning about the environment — the level of enrichment that kids have open to them is immense, and should you decide to enroll your children in a program or two, they’ll likely thank you for all the excitement they’ll receive.

7) Events and Festivals Litter the Calendar

It might seem like there’s always some fun event coming up on the Pleasanton event calendar. That’s because there usually is, and more often than not it’s a chance to get either the friends or the family together and have an amazing time.

Restaurant showcases, brew crawls, art shows, and more are all standard fare around here, and if you enjoy checking out a cool community happening from time to time, you’ll be giving thanks to Pleasanton and its plethora of year-round offerings.

8) There’s Plenty of Stuff to See

Around Pleasanton, there are plenty of community landmarks and interesting spaces for residents to check out. The Museum on Main, for example, houses many of artifacts retelling the story of Pleasanton’s history. Meanwhile, the Firehouse Arts Center holds all manner of live events — from musical performances to improv shows and beyond.

If you like to get out of the house, spread your legs, and have a great time with your fellow residents, you’ll likely find that Pleasanton has everything you need (and then some) in droves.

The Apartments in SF Offer One More Thing to Be Thankful For

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