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Top Tri-Valley Spots for Dogs

A golden retriever with his head out the car window

You love your dog, right? Of course you do — they’re your steadfast, four-legged companion, keeping you company there at the apartments in San Francisco. They show so much love to you, so it makes sense that you’d want to show some love in return by taking them out for a few adventures throughout town. In the Tri-Valley area, that’s just as easy to do as it is to say, as dog-friendly is the name of the game here:

“The Tri-Valley is filled with dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants, wineries, breweries and more. You’ll love sharing a hike, a meal and just plain relaxing with your “best friend,” and you’ll even find special services and treats at many of our dog-loving businesses.”

Visit Tri-Valley has a grand list, filled with all manner of dog-friendly establishments you might want to hit with your pup, and today, we’re going to be taking a look at some of our favorite picks from said list, giving you a quick idea of where to plan your next dog-friendly outing.

Take Your Dog for a Wine Tour

There are a great many wineries in the Tri-Valley Area. In fact, the region is well known across California for its exemplary wines. If you’re a dog owner, though, you’ll be pleased to note that many of these wineries are also dog-friendly, and you’ve got your pick of over two dozen wineries to take your pawed compatriot to so you can both explore. For example, you might try checking out Murrieta’s Well in Livermore. It’s not just a premier estate for the Tri-Valley region, it’s one of the state’s most well-respected facilities, and lovely grounds are the perfect complement to the amazing varieties of wine you can sample here.

Or Maybe Your Pup Prefers Breweries?

In a similar vein, you might instead want to take your pup on a tour of one of the Tri-Valley’s many breweries. While not quite as numerous as the wineries in the Tri-Valley, there are still a fair many to pick from, and the quality of these establishments represents the best of that Tri-Valley flair and hospitality. This includes spots like the Main Street Brewery, close to home and right on Main Street in Pleasanton. Great food and drink are at the top of the menu here, though, if you pick the time you choose to visit right, you might also get to check out some live performances or some intriguing special events as well.

Grabbing a Bite to Eat With Fido

Dog-friendly restaurants in the Tri-Valley region are another common sight, as you’ll find them peppered all about cities like Danville, Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore. There are few things more enjoyable than relaxing at an establishment’s outdoor patio area, scarfing down a meal or sipping a drink, while your “best bud” sits patiently at your side. You can recreate this dream scenario (or close enough to it) at famed restaurants like Amici’s in Danville, and, in addition to the loving company from your pet, you can score a pretty good slice of pizza in the process.

Dog Friendly Hotels Are a Must

If you’ve got a friend coming from out of town and they need a place to stay that will also accommodate their dog, you’ll be happy to learn that there are plenty of options within the Tri-Valley. Livermore, Dublin, Danville, and Pleasanton all have their own dog-friendly hotels, including a few “extended stay” style hotels, in case your guest plans on hanging around for a while and really soaking up all the area has to offer. If you want your guest to stick close by, in Pleasanton, it’s hard to go wrong with the DoubleTree on Johnson Drive, and with all the additional dog accommodating entertainment options on the list, you’re almost assured to be able to show them (and their dog) a great time while in town.

Meetups With Your Dog

Let’s say you have a group outing planned or some kind of special event that you’ll need a dog-friendly venue to pull off right. The Casa Real in Pleasanton is one of the area’s finest, as this event venue, located at the Ruby Hill Winery, can “accommodate up to 450 guests seated with a dance floor or 500 guests seated without in the largest room” and they’ll let you use your dog as a ring bearer if you’re hosting a wedding there. They even let the dogs get married, if you can believe it!

Dog Shopping

While not every store will allow dogs inside, there are plenty in the Tri-Valley area that will, and many of these options cater specifically to dogs and sell all manner of pet supplies so you can keep your pup happy. This includes Dog Dynasty on Johnson Drive in Pleasanton, Molly’s Pup-Perr-Ee on Hartz Avenue in Danville, and the Go Pet Club on Patterson Pass Road in Livermore. If you’re getting food, snacks, and gear for your dog, why not bring them along for the ride, right?

Dog Parks and Recreational Options

It’s no secret that most dogs love being outdoors. If you want to get your pup some time in the “outside world,” you’ve got your pick of dog parks, regular parks, camp sites, and hiking trails to pick from around the Tri-Valley area. Within Pleasanton itself, places like the Amador Valley Community Park and the Bernal Community Park are perennial, go-to options, so be sure to give them a look sometime in the near future.

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