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Unique Mother’s Day Ideas

A card that says Happy Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is all about showing you appreciation to the mom’s in your life, so that last thing you want to do is plan something that will be lackluster or boring. This year, step outside the box with some of these unique ideas to make this a celebration you’ll be talking about in the apartments in the Bay Area for years to come!

Make Mother’s Day Fun Again

Allow us to propose a hypothetical scenario: years of doing the “same old thing” for Mother’s Day have caused what should be a joyous occasion to feel like something of a chore, and you’ve lost a bit of the excitement that used to come with getting ready to impress the moms in your life with a stacked day full of great gifts and fun times.

If that sounds at all familiar (or if you think you’re not quite there yet but still want to spice things up before Mother’s Day starts feeling “samey” for you) then it’s time to rediscover that spark — something you can accomplish by expanding your thinking beyond the typical Mother’s Day brunches/dinners and bog-standard gifts. Here’s what we mean...

Start the Day Strong: Let Her Sleep and Prepare an Extra-Special Breakfast

If that mom in your life happens to be the love of your life (or, alternatively, if your mom is living with you), you can start Mother’s Day on the right foot by letting her get the one thing everyone could use a little bit more of: quality sleep. For bonus points set the mood with some soothing white noise or relaxing scents, then vacate the room and let her snooze to her heart’s content.

Once she’s back up and at it, surprise her with a lovingly-prepared breakfast. You know her favorites — just look up some great breakfast recipes to make sure you prepare them right, then watch her face light up with joy as she comes to the kitchen or you present her with breakfast in bed. Not a bad way to start the day by any means.

Head out for a Mother’s Day Adventure...

This year, skip the basic brunch and head out for a real Mother’s Day adventure. You could, for instance, try start by getting the blood pumping and the endorphins surging by treating mom to a fitness class she’s been meaning to try out (but never got around to doing so). Maybe she’s been curious about yoga, or climbing, or even a bit of boxing? Wherever her interests lie, helping her try them out will be appreciated.

After you’ve built up a sweat (and showered afterwards, hopefully), you can try a relaxing, intellectual, or creative pursuit. Something like a day hike or a trip to a botanical garden, just to name a few. The Bay Area has tons of options when it comes to hiking, and there are more than enough lists out there on which are the “best” for you to easily narrow down some great choices for a Mother’s Day jaunt.

If you prefer the laid-back atmosphere of a garden, though, you’ll find few options finer than the San Francisco Botanical Garden, located on 9th Avenue in San Francisco proper, and surrounded by plenty of other great choices that a ripe for exploration, like the California Academy of Sciences, Conservatory of Flowers, and Golden Gate Park. The Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve is also nearby, so you can combine your stroll through the garden with an open nature hike to get the best of both worlds, if you’re feeling up to the challenge.

And remember, your Mother’s Day adventure doesn’t necessarily have to be nature-based, you can take mom to a winery, head to a museum, take an art class, watch a play or a ball game — the options are nearly endless. You just need to make sure that they fit her personality and provide more fun than the average Mother’s Day rigamarole.

Or Stay in and Make It a Mother’s Day at Home

You don’t even have to leave the house on Mother’s Day if you don’t want to. You can still make things special if you exercise a bit of forethought. You can exercise a scavenger hunt for mom and the kids — something that will get the whole family involved and provide some wholesome fun to start your day. Alternatively, you could set her up to binge-watch her favorite movies or shows in absolute comfort, while you, her faithful servant-for-the-day, take on those mounting chores so she can relax.

Since Mother’s Day is about moms (and, by extension, their kids) you can book something nice that will give them all a token to remember the day by, like an in-home photo shoot with a professional photographer that will capture them in their best light, or a group project or game session that everyone can enjoy. Again, your options for Mother’s Day at home are numerous, you just have to get creative to devise something worthwhile.

Finish the Day Strong With Dinner

Wrapping things up, why not finish strong like you started, with a great meal? If you’re going out on the town, be sure to look up the best restaurants in the area, and plan ahead so you can make a reservation before it gets crowded. If you’re staying at home, put your chef’s hat on and break out those special recipes to ensure a successful, home cooked meal that the family will be talking about for months to come.

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